The Variations of Poker Games


Within poker there are a few different variations that make the games slightly different. Here is a break down of those changes:

Straight Poker: This is the oldest form of poker and involves each player having a complete hand dealt to them. Each player batch in round one and raising and re-raising is allowed. This is the most straightforward of poker games to follow; different variations come from this structure.

Stud Poker: Cards are dealt in a slightly different manner as some are dealt with upwards and some downwards and each batch in turn player. These are the most popular studs of 7 Card Stud games where 2 extra cards are dealt with each player, 3 facing down and 4 facing up, and the cards can choose the best possible 5 card hand 카지노사이트.

Draw Poker: 5 cards are the most famous of this variation. The hand is dealt to each player, all the cards face down, the players then bet and after the players are able to change their cards and are given new cards.

Community Poker: This is a variation of Stud. Each player is dealing with an incomplete hand, face down, and then a bunch of community cards that are used by players to use their cards. Texas Holdem is a famous version of a Community Poker game.

Miscellaneous Poker: Some of the cards for example 3’s and 9’s are wild and if any of the players have a 4, they get an extra card .

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